Meet the Beekeeper.

My name is Rachel Halliwell and I’m the founder of Home Grown Bee.

I was first introduced to the wonderful world of bees at Simon Fraser University in the ‘Pollination Ecology Lab.’ I had the opportunity to work with not only honeybee colonies but our local pollinators as well. From there, I moved on to working in a big apiary and queen rearing operation where my love of bees and hive management really took off. Every day seemed to be filled with problem solving hive issues and managing the health of a large, growing apiary. After a few years, I shared my time between working in a large scale apiary and teaching local hobbyists. This is where I learned the importance of keeping bees in urban settings and where my love for teaching began! I learned the value of ‘in hive’ education through consultations and field days and enjoyed the enthusiasm from the community to support the health of these wonderful pollinators.

In 2021, I started Home Grown Bee and in May 2022 we opened our storefront location! It's been a dream to create a hub where beekeepers and honey lovers alike can swing by, find a product they are looking for and chat bees. I look forward to meeting more of the community and continue to share my passion, knowledge and love for these wonderful pollinators!

Comox Valley, Vancouver Island B.C.

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