Private Consultation

Need some help identifying what you see when you enter your hive? This is the perfect opportunity for a one-on-one education session held at your very own apiary! You can tailor the experience to best suit your needs. I can help with nuc/package introductions, identifying a failing queen, help detect disease, splitting hives, honey extraction and much, much more.

If you live just outside of our 'private consultation' radius, we also offer 'private consultations' via ZOOM! An alternative way to meet up, ask any/all of your beekeeping questions, outline your next steps in beekeeping and go over any hive concerns.

Purchase our Beekeeping 101 Course and receive 10% off one private consult visit!

$60/hr *1 hour minimum charge*

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Short Term Hive Management

Heading out of town for an extended period of time and need someone to look after your colonies? At Home Grown Bee I offer ‘Short Term Hive Management’ where I take care of your hives while you’re away! Prior to leaving, we will discuss your hive management goals and how often you expect an inspection. After each hive inspection, I will send an email update which will include: what occurred during the hive inspection, if any issues arose and what needs to be done in the future.
I will help manage your colonies so you don’t have to worry while you’re away!

$40/hour*1 hour minimum charge*

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Commercial Hive Management

Are you a Resort, Golf Course, Brewery, or really any business looking to add hives to your property? We can help you get started. We sell the equipment, set up and install nucs and manage your hives for the whole season.

*1 hour minimum charge*

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Honey Favours

Looking for a sweet party favour to give to your guests? Our local Comox Valley honey is a wonderful way for your friends and family to remember your special day! We provide the jars and fill them with local honey. Provide us with labels ahead of time and we’ll make sure your honey favours are ready for that special day.

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