Full Beekeeping Kit

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The 'full beekeeping kit' comes with three boxes- providing you with the equipment needed to support a growing colony because as you know, when your hive grows, so will your need to add another box! This kit also comes with essential hive tools that will be helpful throughout your beekeeping season.

This kit comes with the equipment for one hive set up!

The ‘Full Beekeeping Kit’ includes:

1 x Telescopic Hive Top

1 x Inner Cover

1 x Bottom Board 

2 x Unassembled Supers- deep

20 x Unassembled Wood Frames- deep

20 x Plastic Foundation- deep

1 x Unassembled Super- medium

10 x Unassembled Wood Frames- medium 

10 x Plastic Foundation- medium

1 x Frame Feeder

1 x J Hook Hive Tool

1 x Smoker

1 x Entrance Reducer

1 x Sun Hat Veil

1 x Metal Frame Holder

1 x Mite Counter

1 x Bee Brush

Select either a Deep Super set up or an all Medium Super set up

and select a Regular Bottom Board or Screened Bottom Board.

**Everything seen in photo plus a medium box, 10 medium wood frames, 10 medium plastic foundation 

All of our kit options can come assembled! Contact us for pricing.

Size: Deep and Regular Bottom Board