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In our 1.5 hour 'Mite Check 101' workshop we will focus on the Varroa Mite! The varroa mite or Varroa Destructor, is a common pest of the honeybee. These tiny pests, red/brown in colour and about the size of a freckle, pierce the honeybee’s exoskeleton and release thousands of viral loads into the honeybees’ body. The honeybee is first weakened by its now perforated exoskeleton and even more so when pumped full of viruses.

In our workshop we will cover:

  1. What is the varroa mite.
  2. What are signs of mite infestation.
  3. How to test for mites (sugar shake & alcohol wash).
  4. When to treat for mites.
  5. Breakdown of available treatments and how to know which treatment to use and when.

This will be a hands on workshop so bring protective gear (veils, beekeeping jackets/suits, gloves)!

Cancellation Policy: Free cancellation up to 3 days prior to the course date. Non-refundable within the 3 day window.

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