2024 Nucleus Colony - Live Bees 30% non-refundable deposit to reserve

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What: We are selling 4 frame deep nucleus colonies. The 4 frame nucs will be made up of: lots of bees, a proven queen, brood of all ages, food stores and space to lay. If you are looking for a medium nucleus colony, please indicate this in the 'additional notes' section at checkout. Medium nucleus colonies will come on 5 medium frames.

When: Now! We have two nucs left for sale.

Price: The price this year is $340​. Your nucleus colony comes in a nuc box that is sealed with ventilation so that you can transport the nuc with relative ease back to their permanent home, your apiary! Nuc boxes are also really great to have on hand for swarm catching. We are asking for a 30% non refundable deposit to secure a spot on our list.

Equipment: If you’re new to beekeeping or adding to your growing apiary, you will need to have your hive equipment ready! We have hive kits available on our website! If you have any questions about equipment, send us an email.

Additional Notes: All nucs will be inspected by our apiary inspector which is really important. This means that the inspector has checked for diseases prior to sale and will not approve a ‘permit to sell’ unless there is no disease and mite loads are below a certain threshold.